What is a holistic health coach?

What separates a holistic health coach from a simple health coach, dietician, nutritionist, personal trainer, doctor or therapist?

Let’s check out the later group and what they’re all about.

That group focuses on a variety of goals, like a nutrition-based foundation to achieve a healthy lifestyle, used by nutritionists and health coaches.

A dietician is legally registered and board certified in the area of dietetics, an academic approach to prescribing what foods to eat  according to dietary guidelines for groups and public policy.

Doctors, particularly those that practice western medicine, identify a problem and symptoms and generally prescribe medications to suppress the symptoms but not reverse the cause, thus a lifetime dependency on pharmaceutical meds.

Personal trainers are concerned primarily with fitness and muscular development.  However, some have chosen to broaden their perspective by adding an emphasis on nutrition, which is good.

The Uniqueness of a Holistic Health Coach

Here’s the deal with a holistic health coach; you get the milage of a vehicle specializing in fuel-economy but the power of a vehicle sporting a v-8 engine.  That’s the simple truth!

Basically, a holistic health coach is multidimensional, combining much of what you get from a nutritionist, dietician, therapist and in some cases, personal trainers.

However, holistic health coaches go even deeper in scope by addressing emotional, mental and lifestyle components that drive our eating habits; like stress, relationships, careers, family…overall balance.

A holistic  health coach who is rooted in nutrition offers a dimension doctors don’t because doctors are not trained in the area of nutrition.

A holistic health coach sees natural, whole foods as sacred and have a fundamental belief that food is both fuel and medicine.

Let’s take a look at some of the many benefits of working with a holistic health coach.

8 Benefits of a Holistic Health Coach

  1. builds lifestyle balance: nutrition, fitness, emotional strength, relationships, personal care, careers, goals and environment
  2. uses nutrition as a building block
  3. can reverse chronic illnesses
  4. focuses on the power of food
  5. reduce dependency on medications
  6. anchor of emotional support & motivation
  7. elevates confidence and self esteem as a coach/client team
  8. truly cares about the person

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