keys to healthy aging

Let’s be clear folks, there is no such thing  as “anti-aging” anything.

Whatever that’s suppose to be, it’s a farce, a fantasy, the bait for the magic bullet theory that so many people chase.

Although creams, pills, juices and gadgets promote anti-aging, such remedies don’t even exist.  We all age!  The question: how well or how poorly?

However, there is such a thing as healthy aging.

What is healthy aging?

It’s the antithesis of getting old, which is the deterioration of cells, joints, muscles, malfunctioning immune system, the overall lack of zest for life, a loss of purpose and a mind that is bankrupt of vision and imagination.

Healthy aging is simply our mind and body possessing the ability to flow in rhythm with time, unimpeded and not easily vulnerable to mean illnesses and diseases.

Healthy aging is a renewing mindset rooted in self love, which is holding your mind, body and life path in a sacred place.

Healthy aging is a commitment to a wide array of whole, living, sprouted, nutrient-dense foods that enhance our cellular nutrition, hence, rejuvenated bodies.

If you consider that each of us is made up of more that 100-million cells, you can quickly ration that cellular nutrition is the super highway to optimal wellness.

Lori Barkand made the decision to abandon her lifestyle and engage in the Uniq healthy aging method.

Here’s what happened to Lori after she tried the Uniq Wellness 21-Day Mind & Body Detox Program, “The program gave me a hard look at how I was not taking care of myself by not making me a priority,” says Barkand.

The changes I saw and felt in my body, I had never experienced before. I am definitely hooked on this way of eating.”

We can reverse degenerative health conditions and reverse the “getting old”  complex when a commitment is made to healthy aging.

All you have to do is pay attention to how Melissa Steele’s life changed when she decided to make a change.

When Melissa committed to changing her life path to something greater, this is what happened to her after the 21-Day Mind & Body Detox Program, “The 21 day detox program has made profound and positive changes in my life,” says Steele.

“I have Sjogren’s disorder, which causes severe flare ups of joint and muscle pain and fatigue.  By the 3rd week I was able to stop taking medication, as my pain had eased up a great deal. The nausea and stomach discomfort also lessened from my Irritable Bowel Syndrome.  I lost 11 pounds in 3 weeks.”

7 Keys to Healthy Aging

  1. Change the eating culture by eating nutritious foods that fuel the body and avoid foods that attack the body.  Foods that are rich with Omega 3 fatty acids and anti-oxidant to boost the immune system are vital.
  2. Great emphases must be placed on rest–a highly critical time for the brain and body to regenerate.
  3. A sound and reasonable fitness regimen.
  4. Investing in personal space and quiet time through meditation.
  5. Healthy relationships.
  6. Refraining from stressful triggers.
  7. Self love: placing the highest degree of honor on your mind, body and life path.  Self love is the most important nutrient on the planet

Combine those lifestyle components in your life and watch what happens.