“I need a vacation,” is an expression that’s probably thrown out every second of every day by people all over the planet.

How about this one, “I took a mental health day,” after explaining to coworkers that you were out sick, but not really “sick.”

Here’s another, “I’m exhausted. I need a break.”

So…guess which of your organs are screaming Amen/hallelujah to those quotes.

Your liver! And you better listen. You know why?

The liver fights to keep the blood pure and free of toxins, is so darn important, it supports nearly every organ in the body. As Dr. Krucik states, “without a healthy liver, a person cannot survive.”

So when you’re liver needs a vacation, give it one! A great one!


Here’s what Dr. Michael Klaper says, “There are flavorings, colorings, preservatives, dough conditioners, stabilizers, and  thousands of other compounds that accumulate in our tissues over time, contributing to feelings of chronic fatigue and bodily dysfunction.”

Hence, the detox and cleanse.

A good way to start is to make water your best friend.

Don’t just drink water and continue to eat lousy food.

Start with a water fasting cleanse, basically cleaning the body on a deep, cellular level.

It doesn’t have to be long but for the first 24 to 48, Dr. Klaper lays it out like this, “the body is burning off circulating blood sugar.”

Some people advocate water cleanses, others don’t.

There are a gazillion detox and cleanse programs out there, all singing the same song, give your organs a break.

And the Uniq Cleanse is in production so stay tuned. It’s the best of the best cleansing principles.

Look at cleansing this way. A detox and cleanse is like flushing the toilet.

What happens after the toilet is flushed?

If fills up with clean water.

DSC_0678 copy

So, as you cleanse the body, nutritious whole foods, fruits and vegetables should follow. Nutritionist Kristen Brooks hits the mark right here, “maximize the supply of nutrients required to optimize the liver’s detoxification pathways.”

Benefits of detox & cleanse & nutritional followup:

  • Cleaner blood
  • Weight loss
  • Renewed energy
  • Cell growth
  • Improved immune system